Premier Muzik joins forces with Peermusic,
along with All Right Music & Global Master Rights. We now form a global independent leader in Neighbouring Rights

Welcome to Premier Muzik International where innovation, experience and transparency is our mission; identifying, recovering and administering your royalty and license income is our passion!


What are neighboring rights

Neighboring Rights calls attention to the rights of performers including musicians (vocalists) & all makers of sound recordings (record labels), to fair remuneration for the broadcast & public performance of their works.

Our Services

Administrative Management

We handle the numerous administrative formalities ensuring all criteria are met for all territories which are key to successfully collecting your Neighboring Rights i.e. application forms, discography and filmography updates and declarations, mandate conflict resolutions and continuous monitoring of all aspects related to your royalty collection.

At Source Collection & Distribution Auditing

Direct registration and collection from each Collective Management Organization (CMO) company ensures transparency and eliminates any intermediary commissions. We cross-reference media playlists, accurately implement all metadata, and audit each distribution to maximize our clients' revenue.

Innovation & Industry Relationships

We rely on our experience, expertise and innovative proprietary technology as well as solid relationships with CMO representatives and our clients resulting in world renowned quality service.


All of our Artists have the option of consulting their detailed statements including originals from the source via our online Artist portal. Our commission is a fixed, predetermined percentage levied only on the collected fees without any additional costs.

Our Tech

Like the many, we describe our proprietary software as the most foot forward technology, tailored for fast client registration & royalty claims.

Our tech includes access to a vast metadata network for accurately locating client discography for maximizing payouts. We provide tools to audit society payouts, making sure trending tracks are accounted for & properly paid out.

Don’t just take our word for it, take us to task, give our service a spin and experience the results for yourselves.


Finger-Printz Muzic, Finger-Printz Entertainment Group, To The Penny Music and Hard To Write Music are Premier Muzik International's full service music publishing companies.

30 years later we continue to offer our boutique services, controlling and administrating over 10 thousand copyrighted works.

We value the song-writing craft and are happy to put your music to work.

See some of our artists & catalog affiliations below :

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Andrea Love
Angel Moraes
Still Young
MC Flipside
Steady E & Hybrid Heights
Lil Louis
Ralphi Rosario
Paris & Simo

About Us

Collectively, Premier Muzik is proud to offer over 60 years of experience in the music business.

Founding partners Gino Olivieri & Gino Crescenza's trajectory from musicians/producers to label owners helped lay down the foundation to what would ultimately become one of the most recognized & respected creator-centric rights collection agencies.

Our dedicated crew is made up of active musicians & producers who fully endorse the importance of transparency & meticulous attention to repertoire detail.

At Premier Muzik, we’ve been proactively collecting artist's neighboring rights royalties since 2001.

Our Team

Gino Olivieri
Vice President
Gino Crescenza
Director of Administration
Nadia Olivieri
International Accounts Specialist
Carlo Zappavigna
Senior Account Specialist
Rick Dessi
Account Specialist
Jiak de Paola
Senior Repertoire Specialist
Maurizio Nalli
Repertoire Specialist
Dominic Cifarelli
Registration Coordinator
Sarah Koch

Our European Team

All Right Music was founded in 2004 by Christophe Piot, former Artistic Director at MCA Music and Warner Chappell. Over 30 years of experience in the music industry and a deep knowledge of copyright and neighbouring rights legislation at your service.

Christophe Piot
Marketing Manager
Annabel Trackoen
Office & Royalties Manager
Carole Fourcade
Frédérique Gil
Neighboring Rights Specialist
Hayette Sariak
Neighboring Rights Specialist
Gisèle Laxague
Repertoire & Claims
Camille Videau

Creators that trust us


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