Royalty Administration

Royalty Administration

  • Administration of “Neighboring Rights” for Artists, Musicians & Performers
  • Administration of “Neighboring Rights” for Master Owners
  • Administration of “Publishing Rights” for Authors & Composers
  • Administration of “Publishing / Performance / Mechanical / Synch Rights” for Publishers

Advantages in working with us include

  • No upfront costs
  • An economical and efficient outsource alternative
  • Quarterly statements rendered with royalties paid within 30 days of funds received
  • Accounting with original statements at source
  • Collection for specific and/or limited titles and complete catalogs
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Premier Muzik provides a professional courteous service for the collection and administration of

  • Artist's and Label/Master Owner's intellectual property rights and income derived from the Public Performance
  • Digital Performance
  • Broadcast and licensing of Masters
  • Author's/Composer's and Publisher's intellectual property rights and income derived from Compositions

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