Premier Muzik’s mission is to identify, recover and administer royalty and licensing income from various sources for artists, performers, musicians and songwriters.

We provide administration services for international artists such as David Guetta, Joan Jett, Avicii, Flo Rida, Metallica… and many more !

Your Neighboring Rights.

Neighboring Rights are the rights of performers and makers of sound recordings, to be paid fairly for the broadcast and public performance of their works. Neighboring Rights excludes the composer's and author’s portion of performance income, and concerns only the contributions to a recording from featured performers, non-featured performers, musicians, session players, singers and record companies. These are your rights, your performances, your property.

Neighboring Rights

We offer legal counsel and assist you in making the best decisions with respect to your rights. We administer Neighboring Rights for performers and master owners.

What we do

We cover all major territories of the world. We research, register and claim your rights. We verify and properly implement all metadata. We are a multilingual international team of music specialists. We offer complete transparency with original statements at source.


How much do we charge?

We take a predetermined percentage of the income that has been recovered. Quarterly statements rendered with royalties paid within 30 days of funds received. Original statements supplied. No additional fees.

Do you qualify? Find out.

If you performed on a song that has received airplay, our team will research and notify you if you are eligible for membership. Please click the link below, complete the form and submit.

Premier Muzik Neighboring Rights
Submission Form

Royalty Administration

Royalty Administration

  • Administration of “Neighboring Rights” for Artists, Musicians & Performers
  • Administration of “Neighboring Rights” for Master Owners
  • Administration of “Publishing Rights” for Authors & Composers
  • Administration of “Publishing / Performance / Mechanical / Synch Rights” for Publishers

Advantages in working with us include

  • No upfront costs
  • An economical and efficient outsource alternative
  • Quarterly statements rendered with royalties paid within 30 days of funds received
  • Accounting with original statements at source
  • Collection for specific and/or limited titles and complete catalogs
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Premier Muzik provides a professional courteous service for the collection and administration of

  • Artist's and Label/Master Owner's intellectual property rights and income derived from the Public Performance
  • Digital Performance
  • Broadcast and licensing of Masters
  • Author's/Composer's and Publisher's intellectual property rights and income derived from Compositions


Neighboring Rights Royalty Administration
Artist Royalty Administration
Publishing Royalty Administration
Catalog Administration & Licensing
Music Related Legal Advice
Music Related Agreements
Research, Registering and Claiming of rights
Collection of various royalty rights from the source
Verification and proper metadata implementation
Administration for various types of royalty statements
Catalog Acquisitions

Our Team

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Gino C.


Nadia O.

Director of Accounts

Carlo Z.

General Manager

Rick D.

Senior Account Administrator

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Account Administrator

Maurizio N.

Research Analyst

Johanne G.

Administrative Assistant

Joe T.

IT Programmer

Daniel T.

IT Consultant

Our Partner

Christophe Piot

Premier Muzik International are in partnership with All Right Music based in Biarritz, France.
All Right Music was launched in 2004 by Christophe Piot, former Creative Director of MCA Music France and Director of Creative Services at Warner Chappell. With over 25 years of experience in the music industry, Christophe Piot has developed a unique expertise in the royalty domain.
Christophe uses his extensive knowledge of the Music Business including Copyright Laws and Neighboring Rights Laws, helping many international Artists to recover and maximize their income.
All Right Music is also representing publishing catalogs such as AIR, Nolwenn Leroy and David Guetta.

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